Despite OTOC leaders ongoing efforts to educate legislators about why working poor need help to purchase affordable health insurance, some members of the the Unicameral again voted down our efforts.

Many OTOC leaders have written letters to editor supporting T-HIP and 10 are published

Many OTOC leaders have written in letters to the Editor in support of the Transitional Health Insurance program in recent weeks. The Omaha World Herald has published ten  of those letters plus those of several allies of OTOC.  OTOC writers include:

  • Cindy Johnson–The Cost of LB 1032 to taxpayers is small
  • Rev. Keith Nelson-Let us all be Good Samaritans
  • Ruth Kruse–Health care should not be partisan
  • Vicki Pratt–Ricketts needs to find a chair (find a solution)
  • Mary Spurgeon–Ricketts need not worry about LB 1032
  • Carol Windrum— Medicaid expansion a moral issue
  • Mark Hoeger–Helping them care for themselves
  • Lowen Kruse–Medicaid expansion is fiscally wise
  • Marilyn Felion–Waiting on Ricketts’ plan
  • Don Zebolsky–Expand Medicaid to help all families

For a copy of the OTOC leaders’ letters, click on the link below:

Ten Letters to Editor by OTOC leaders about LB 1032

 Overview of Amended LB 1032

Click on the link below to identify your Senator and ask them  how he/she voted on LB 1032:

Link to find your member of the Nebraska Unicameral

See the list of which Senators have previously expressed support or opposition to LB 1032 and how many uninsured are in their districts:

Number of Uninsured by Legislative District