OTOC seeks to connect people across lines that tend to divide them: race & ethnicity, economics, religion, geography & language.


What is OTOC?

Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) teaches people to become effective leaders, explore their legitimate interests, do solid research, engage in sometimes tough, but always respectful public discourse, hold elected officials accountable and create positive change through collective action. Through the practice of these skills, people build relationships of trust and, by acting collaboratively, become part of solving their own problems rather than expecting someone else to take care of them.


Our Philosophy

We believe in relationships

The issues we work on come out of small-group gatherings called “house meetings”, where people share their stories about issues they’d like to see changed and have energy to work on. We are driven by the testimony of concrete experience, not pre-conceived ideology.

We believe in citizen leadership

We identify, bring together and develop leaders across our communities, so that we can accomplish more together than we could apart.

We believe in ownership

We accept no money from government sources. The organization is funded by dues from its member institutions, in addition to some foundation and business support. This allows the organization to belong to, and be accountable to, the institutions that make it up.

We believe in practical solutions

We work on concrete issues that we can do something about. Once potential issues are identified, community leaders do research to develop practical, achievable solutions.

Community organizing demands time, talent, discipline and commitment. Those willing to do the work experience personal growth and transformation. These leaders have witnessed the impact OTOC has made on their congregations and the city.





Institutions that are regular members of OTOC commit to paying annual dues of 1% of their institution’s operating budget and to have leaders from their institutions participate in guiding the work of OTOC.

Leaders of member institutions are invited to participate in monthly OTOC Leadership Team and Steering Committee meetings and in all research and action teams, local and national training sessions and all OTOC public actions.

Current members are:

Augustana Lutheran Church
First United Methodist Church
First Unitarian Church
Grace Lutheran
Metropolitan Community Church
Nebraska Zen Center/Heartland Temple
Omaha Friends Worship Group (Quaker)
Resurrection Episcopal
Sacred Heart Catholic
St. Benedict the Moor Catholic

St. John (Creighton) Catholic
St. Leo Catholic
St. Paul United Methodist
St. Pius X Catholic
Second Unitarian Church
Sudanese Community of Greater Omaha
The Benedictine Way
The Montessori CoOp School
Trinity Lutheran Church – North Omaha

Urban Abbey


Solidarity Membership

Solidarity membership in OTOC is offered to institutions that share OTOC’s interest in the common good of our community but are not in a position to become regular members.

Solidarity members are expected to make an annual contribution to OTOC according to their ability. Persons affiliated with solidarity members are invited to participate in all OTOC action teams and events including regular training sessions offered by OTOC leaders and staff. Solidarity members have ongoing input into OTOC strategies but are not voting members.

Current solidarity members are:

Big Garden
Columban Fathers
Habitat for Humanity
Immigrant Legal Center
Mothers & Others
Notre Dame Sisters

Restoring Dignity
Schlegel Center for Service & Justice at Creighton
Servants of Mary Social Justice Committee
Sisters of Mercy
TPS Alliance of Nebraska