On Monday night, February 12, fifty people representing the OTOC Steering Committee packed the meeting room at First United Methodist Church. Following the opening prayer and introductions of all attending, Convener, Cheri Cody, set the framework for the gathering. She noted that the work that OTOC engages in used to be referred to as “the ministry of public life”, a description that she remains fond of.

 A spokesperson for each congregation shared, in turn, the vision and plans they had for growing their presence within their own congregation.  Each person was forthright about their congregation’s unique situation and the challenges confronting them. Each expressed their resolute intention to move forward with their vision.  The acts of some smaller congregations offered challenges to larger ones. Three congregations in various stages of considering joining OTOC also reported their progress. 

Vicki Pratt, new Chair of the Finance Committee, reported that both the Individual Contribution Campaign of last summer, which comes from within each congregation, and the Year End Appeal which is sent from the OTOC Office, had received monies that exceeded what had been budgeted. Thank you for your continued contributions through the years.

Pamela Owens of Metropolitan Community Church gives a positive, exciting report for MCC’s goals this year

Charlie Gould laid out the strategy for this year- Congregational Trainings in March and April, Core Team work in May,Summer Organizing Training in June and July, House meetings and Neighborhood walks in August and September, and Get Out the Vote Campaigns leading to a Candidate Accountability session in October just before the November election. Using these organizing fundamentals, we build power from people, which is needed for a productive and potentially game-changing Accountability Session. This means we are certainly building power through our relationships and growing in effectiveness for the common good.