Support LB 423 to increase community based energy projects

 LB 423 would provide a production tax credit for Community Based Energy Development (C-BED) projects. Passage of LB 423 has the potential to lead to the development of many community renewable energy projects in Nebraska. There are several community and wind and solar projects that are waiting to see if this incentive will be put in place before deciding whether to proceed with development. LB 423 represents a positive use of tax policy to incentivize activities that are beneficial to Nebraska and its people.

 C-BED projects have the following requirements:


1. At least 25 % investment in Nebraska materials or resources; and

2. Approval of the local county board.

The investment threshold means that more money will stay in Nebraska, creating more jobs and beneficial economic impact.

County board approval means that there is an opportunity to address siting issues and other local concerns.

Example of Email or call to your legislator about LB 423

Dear Senator:

As your constituent, I would like you to vote ‘yes’ for LB423-a renewable tax credit (for C-BED projects). LB 423 offers a one cent tax credit to C-BED (Community Based Energy Development) projects. I believe this would be a great start in encouraging more renewable generation in Nebraska which would add more dollars and jobs to our local communities.

Your name and address or district

Support Amendments to improve LB 469

Tell your senator to support a proposed amendment to improve LB 469, an important bill which would authorize both an Impact Assessment and a State Energy Plan that could shape our energy future.

LB 469 mandates an Assessment of the impact of the EPA Clean Power Plan that requires Nebraska to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Currently, language in the bill could focus only at the costs in terms of lost jobs and stranded assets and few of the benefits of reducing reliance on coal.  For example, the Assessment should include the health benefits of not burning coal. OTOC wants an honest, neutral look at the costs and benefits of reducing CO2.

Also, LB 469 authorizes creation of a Strategic Energy Plan, a very positive move. OTOC believes the bill should require that that the State hold a public review and comment process.  OTOC believes it is important that the public have opportunities for input into the process of developing this plan.

Example of email or call to your legislator on LB 469

Dear Senator:

I would like you to support the proposed amendments to AM 833 for LB 469 that would remove negative language in the Assessment that would make the study one sided in terms of jobs lost and stranded assets if Nebraska were to move away from coal.  

In addition, language should be added to ensure that the study looks at the health benefits of no longer burning coal.  Lastly, I would like you to support a proposed change to the Strategic Energy Plan that would allow for a public review and comment opportunity.

 Your name and address or district