OPPD Board President Anne McGuire (far left) along with three OPPD senior staff met with seven members of the OTOC Sustainable Energy Action team on August 19

Leaders of the OTOC Sustainable Energy Action Team recently met with OPPD Board President Anne McGuire and three members of the OPPD senior staff to discuss  several topics of interest to OTOC. The group discussed OPPD’s progress toward implementing their 2014 plan which will result in OPPD generating 33% of their electricity from sustainable sources such as wind or solar by 2017.


The OTOC leaders also discussed OPPD’s rate structure, the Green Fund, increased use of electric vehicles and the impact of recent EPA regulations about green house gases on OPPD and the State of Nebraska. The frank and lively discussion was informative and OTOC leaders indicated their willingness to help OPPD inform households in our member institutions about how they  can help reduce the electric peak load on hot summer days by signing up for OPPD’s   “Cool Smart” program which allows OPPD to regulate your central AC system in 15 minute intervals during a maximum of 12 days each year.

Alan Vovolka of First Unitarian organized the meeting that was attended by seven OTOC leaders. Contact Alan  at [email protected] if you want to know more about OTOC’s work to assure that our publicly owned electric  utility embraces practices that produce energy which is affordable, reliable and from sources that are environmentally sustainable.


OTOC leaders learn about upcoming legislation

OTOC leaders met with Ken Winston of the Sierra Club to discuss state legislation which could impact the sustainability of our environment

Thirteen leaders of the Action Team recently met with Ken Winston of the Sierra Club to discuss legislation that will likely be voted on in the 2016 session of the Nebraska Unicameral. The team is now  doing research on bills regarding small tax credits for small wind or solar energy projects, regulating fracking waste disposal, and sustainable food practices. Anyone interested in learning more about these legislative  issues should contact the Action Team chair, Laurie Gift at [email protected]


OTOC leaders develop workshop on Climate Change: Science, Morality and What you can Do!!

Mary Ruth Stegman and Fr. Dennis Hamm, S.J. of Creighton St. John and Elaine Wells of First Unitarian are developing a workshop on climate change

Mary Ruth Stegman, Elaine Wells and Fr. Dennis Hamm, S.J. have worked together to develop a workshop that teaches the public about climate change. The workshop covers the established science and our responsibility to care for Creation, especially as articulated by Pope Francis in the Encyclical “Laudato Si.” The workshop concludes by reviewing a number of options that any person can take to help contribute to the response to climate change, from the very personal to the necessary public action we must take together. To schedule this workshop for your congregation or organization, call OTOC at 402-344-4401 or email at [email protected].