On Monday January 8th, Homeland Security announced that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans will end on September 9th, 2019.  Over 200,000 Salvadorans and their families are now at risk, so it is now up to Congress to find a legislative solution. OTOC calls on Congressmen Bacon and Fortenberry, Senators Fischer and Senator Sasse to get involved and craft a solution which provides permanent residency for law abiding, productive residents who have lived among us  for many years with only Temporary Protective Status.



OTOC leader Jeanne Schuler says, “OTOC calls on our members of Congress to  show leadership.  Find a solution.  Support the bills that have already been introduced or develop new ones.  We need leaders who will serve the people of Nebraska and act.  Now.” 

OTOC leader Kathleen Grant says, “TPS recipients have lived in Nebraska for almost 20 years. They own homes and businesses.  They work in factories, farms and meat packing plants.  Their children, most of whom are US citizens, will move our state’s economy forward. They are neighbors.  They are at risk.” To see Kathleen Grant in the news speaking about this issue, follow this link to Channel 7’s coverage of Monday’s decision in Omaha



Jeane Schuler calls on assembly goers to “Call every day!”


OTOC is calling on Congress to provide permanent residency  to law-abiding, long-term residents who have had Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Since 2001, these residents have had to pay to renew their status and undergo extensive security checks. 

Please call your congressional representatives today and urge them to find solutions for Salvadorans in Nebraska.


OTOC in the News after Monday’s Announcement:

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OTOC’s continued work on TPS and Dreamer awareness

On Monday, December 18th at St. John’s Catholic Church, 120 OTOC Leaders, Community Members, and TPS Recipients gathered for a traditional Latin American Advent ritual- the Posada, a portrayal of the journey Mary and Joseph took to finding the manger and being turned away at the inns. This journey mirrors the journey of immigrants to their homes as documented people here in the United States. The bilingual and Interfaith Posada and Prayer Vigil was hosted by OTOC, the Nebraska Dreamers group, and Alianza del TPS Nebraska. 

Participants sang the traditional songs where Mary and Joseph ask for lodging and are eventually allowed to stay in the stable where Jesus was born. 

Stories from Dreamers and TPS recipients were heard, and prayers were lead by Fr. Lorn Snow of St. John’s at  Creighton, Dr. Maryanne Stevens, RSM of the College of St. Mary and Imam Jamal Daodi of the American Muslim Institute. The assembly was then invited to the basement for the celebration and cal to action. Pan dulce (sweet bread) and champurado (traditional Salvadoran chocolate drink) were served while the crowd wrote post cards, were urged to call their senators, and heard from more Dreamers and TPS recipients, and then a pinata was broken by the many children in attendance. This event was another opportunity to stand in solidarity with immigrants in Omaha and learn more about how to support them.

Several area reporters attended the event, including Chanel 3’s Maya Saenz. Please click here to see her story on Chanel 3 News Now

Imam Daoudi and Dreamer Amor lead the closing prayer in English and Spanish