At a May 01 Accountability session, six of the the seven winning candidates for City Council made commitments to 350 OTOC leaders. All Candidates were invited, Mayor Stothert declined and Vinny Palermo had an OPS School Board meeting but has agreed to meet in the future. Our new City Council agreed to work with OTOC leaders on:

350 OTOC Delegates filled St. Leo the Great Hall on May 1
  • Improving Housing Code Enforcement in Rental Housing
  • Ending the Commingling of Yard Waste and Garbage
  • Ensuring Omaha Police are free to act as local peace officers, not immigration agents
  • Reigning in the predatory practices of Pay Day Lenders


Draft Final Questions for Candidates–April 30

Final Summary of How Candidates Answered OTOC's Questions 






Below are videos and short summaries of how your next Omaha City Council responded to OTOC’s Questions:

Pete Festersen,  City Council District 1

Ben Gray,  City Council District 2

Chris Jerram,  City Council District 3

Rich Pahls, City Council District 5

Brinker Harding,  City Council District 6

Aimee Melton,  City Council  District 7