1. Protect Public Health

Meatpacking plants are prominent employers in communities across Nebraska. With so many workers working in close quarters with little protections, community spread multiplies. OWH OTOC Op Ed with UFCW: Nebraska needs strong action to protect packing plant workers


2. Protect food supply chains

Nebraska meatpacking plants feed the country. President Trump wants plants open, but that can’t happen if there are no healthy workers. OWH: Grocery stores limiting meat purchases

3. Protect Vulnerable Families


With essential workers still working, their families, many of which are multi-generational in one home, are also exposed.  Lincoln Journal Star: ‘I want you to know he died in the hospital alone, isolated and scared’

This Mother’s Day season let us take action for the mothers, grandmother, aunts, sisters, daughters, and everyone who works in these plants so they may continue earning a living for their families and keep their families safe.

4. Protect Immigrant and Refugee workers

Many refugees and immigrants are the ones working hard for their family. This is not just an immigrant issue, but it is also an immigrant issue.

Take Action Today- contact Governor Pete Ricketts

My name is ______________ and I am a member of __________(church)___ and active with Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) in  Omaha.  My address is ________________________.

Governor Ricketts, I’m asking that you ensure that packing plant workers remain safe by requiring  6-foot spacing of workers, personal protective equipment, increased cleaning, and inspections at all meat and poultry processing plants, and other best practices.

Workers must be given paid sick leave when ill to minimize viral spread and to care for sick family members.

It is imperative to ensure plants remain open by protecting workers!

Email him at https://governor.nebraska.gov/contact-form

or call him at 402-471-2244. When calling, press 4 to leave a voicemail.