Rev. Marshall Johnson led part of the first OTOC Summer Training on Organizing Skills

On Monday, June 8th, fifty one  OTOC leaders and guests began a lively summer training program to focus some of the fundamental ideas and practices of organizing. Leaders from 22 different congregations and community organizations discussed concepts like “Self Interest”, the “Iron Rule” of organizing and reality that officials sometimes  “Do the right thing for the wrong reason” and “the action is in the reaction.”

These sessions are intended to help OTOC and community leaders develop an understanding of the basic concepts  that they need to successfully organize effective action in their congregation,  organization and community.

Based on feed back from participants in the first session, the trainers and  leaders of  the second session on Monday, July 13 at 7:00 p.m. will focus more on the usual steps of organizing. The will lay out some of the characteristics of a broad based organization and review the typical practices that leaders use when they are working to take action effective action. The next session will be: