OTOC was selected as Urban Abbey’s non-profit partner during January, 2015.   OTOC leaders to organize three “Issue Cafés” to discuss important issues facing Omaha and Nebraska and a fun event celebrating the diversity of our city. Over 160 people attended the issue discussions and the evening of Mexican Bingo (Lotería).Forty five people started the month off with a fun and enjoyable evening playing Mexican Bingo, eating Mexican food and trying out their knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

OTOC leaders put aside and focused on the challenging issue of Medicaid Reform on Thursday, January 15.  Thirty two OTOC leaders met with Nebraska Appleseed Attorney Molly McCleery to better understand LB 472 which was filed to reform the current Medicaid program to make it more efficient and to cover more working families who need access to affordable health insurance.

The following week, 42 OTOC leaders from the OTOC Immigration Reform Action Team met with Justice For Our Neighbors Attorney Shane Ellison and College of St. Mary Senior Daniela Rojas to learn more about the legal basis for Obama Administration changes to federal policy regarding deportation of persons coming to the US as children and the parents of US citizen children. Daniela, an accomplished young woman who would benefit from the newest changes to federal policy, described how challenging it was to pursue higher education when so many careers were closed off to her because of her immigration status.


Finally, Ken Winston of Sierra Club and Mary Ruth Stegman of the OTOC Sustainability Action Team taught over 40 people about findings of the Nebraska Climate study conducted by top UNL Scientists and Sierra Club lobbyist Ken Winston discussed 7 bills pending in the Nebraska Unicameral that could impact the sustainability of the environment.