On February 17, OTOC leaders organized meetings at College of St. Mary and First United Methodist Church with D.J. Yoon of “Fast4Families,” a national campaign to draw attention to the plight of people who are deported and their families who remain.  Mr. Yoon was one of several people who fasted for over 20 days on the National Mall in November in order to protest the lack of action by our Congress.  Over 100 people attended these interactive sessions and over 70 committed to fast in some way during Lent to show solidarity with the deported and to ask God to change the hearts of legislators who refuse to take action on Immigration reform.

The Omaha World Herald wrote an article about the evening meeting and quoted a College of St. Mary student who said “she  is afraid to graduate from the College of St. Mary next year because she won’t be able to legally work in the country.” The article continued “[s]he has two majors and expects to receive a medical interpreter certificate. The only job I will be able to get involves picking corn or working at a fast food restaurant,” she said. “I pray that one day I will be allowed to work with the tools that I have been given, and I hope that one day I can help make this country a little bit better.”