OTOC Leaders Mary McKeighan, Mary Spurgeon and Ellen Moore were in gallery today at the Unicameral voted 31 to 13 to override Gov. Ricketts’ veto of LB 947–commercial and professional licenses for immigrant youth. OTOC leaders have made many dozens of calls and emails in recent days asking their Senators to support LB 947 and now override the Ricketts’ veto. Congratulations to all of the Senators who had the wisdom to listen to their constituents and not the misinformation and fear mongering portraying immigrant youth as dangerous law breakers.

LB 947 will  give immigrant youth who have been educated in Nebraska and stayed out of trouble the opportunity to seek a commercial or professional license–like plumbers, nurses, teachers and truck drivers. This bill affects a few thousand young people who have been in the US since they were children and are now legally present here under federal law.

We have educated them and they want to be able to give back to Nebraska. Under this law, if the federal law ends, their license ends. The Nebraska, Omaha and Lincoln Chambers of Commerce, Mayor Jean Stothert and many business groups supported this bill.


Immigrant Youth write OP Ed asking for support for LB 947 so they can contribute to Omaha

Immigrant Youth OP Ed from April 4