OTOC will hold an accountability session with candidates for the OPPD Board from Sub District 5 which represents Central and Northwest Omaha. OPPD is an essential part of our community and the decisions of the Board have an impact on virtually every household in our region. Come to find out more about OPPD, the issues facing our utility and the candidates, one of whom will make key decisions for the next 6 years.


Bulletin Announcement and Story about OPPD Accountabililty Session

Join OTOC on  Monday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Leo Catholic Church (102nd & Blondo) in the Fireside Room.

Learn about:

  • why each candidate is running;
  • how they would balance their  responsibility to OPPD management, the public they are elected to represent and to all OPPD rate payers;
  • how OPPD could continue to reduce their emission of green house gasses to help reduce climate change;
  • what each candidate thinks of the OPPD Board’s recent decision to increase the fixed monthly service charge from $10.25 to $30 per month;
  • how they would approach the financial challenges facing OPPD and electric utilities today;
  • and other topics related to OPPD’s impact on our environment and community.  All six candidates have been invited to participate and most have committed to attend. 

  • OTOC produced this graphic to show who are the winners and losers under OPPD’s current plan to increase fixed fees from $10.25 to $30 per month and reducing usage rates. Low use customers will pay up to $150 more per year for the same amount of energy (300 kWh/Mo). High use customers will pay $275 less per year for the using the same amount of energy (1900 kWh).