Click on the link below for a copy of the Executive Summary of the Region 6 Mental Health Assessment:

Executive Summary of Region 6 Assesment Report

Leaders working on the OTOC Mental Health Action team had a full afternoon of meetings on May 14. In the early afternoon five leaders from OTOC and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) met with the executive director and program director of the Kim Foundation. The conversation helped the OTOC and NAMI leaders understand better the role that the Kim Foundation plays in fostering collaboration between agencies dedicated to providing mental health care to those who are in need. OTOC and NAMI agreed they would look for ways to participate in Kim Foundation sponsored community events in the future.

Later in the afternoon, 10 leaders from OTOC, NAMI and the League of Women Voters had a meeting with Carol Boye, Executive Director of Community Alliance, and Aileen Brady, the Chief Operating Officer. The leaders engaged in an informative and wide ranging discussion about the gaps which exist in the services provided to  people with mental illness and their families. Through this research action, the group identified a several strategies to improve access to mental health care and supportive services that they will continue to research over the next several months.

If you want to be part of improving mental health care in this region, contact the Mental Health Action Team chair, Sarita Penka  at  [email protected] or come to the next action team meeting.