OTOC leaders are meeting with Omaha-area Unicameral senators. In October, we hosted a Candidate Accountability Session for candidates from districts 6, 8, 12, and 20. Those candidates committed to meeting with OTOC leaders to follow up on their commitment to action.

Leaders are now following up with the victors from those districts, plus other area senators about priorities in the upcoming session.

Senators meeting with OTOC:


District 3- Carol Blood

District 6- Machaela Cavanaugh

District 7- Tony Vargas

District 8- Megan Hunt

District 9- Sara Howard

District 12- Steve Lathrop

District 13- Justin Wayne

District 20- John McCollister

District 45- Sue Crawford

OTOC’s Unicameral Priorities in 2019:

  1. Affordable Housing, including proactive inspection policies
  2. Enforcing  LB 194 on payday lending
  3. Improving conservation to protect the environment
  4. Supporting increased mental healthcare and protecting mental health parity
  5. Supporting the implementation of Medicaid expansion and fair allocation of funds.