On Thursday, March 19, nine OTOC leaders joined leaders from other organizations for a Medicaid Redesign Lobby Day to ask Senators to support LB 472. OTOC leaders had meaningful conversations with 11 members of the Unicameral:

Sue Crawford – Dt. 45—Bellevue

Ernie Chambers –Dt. 11—North Omaha

Tanya Cook –Dt.13—North Omaha

Jonie Craighead – Dt. 6—West Omaha

Curt Friesen – Dt. 34– Henderson

Burke Harr – Dt. 8–Dundee

Sara Howard – Dt. 9—South Central Omaha

Bob Hilkemann–Dt 4—Northwest Omaha

John McCollister – Dt. 20—Southwest Omaha

Merv Riepe- Dt. 12–Ralston

John Stinner –Dt. 48–Gering

OTOC leaders Gloria Austerberry, Mary McKeighan, Bob Meyers, Marie Meyers, Rev. Keith Nelson, El Siebert, Mary Spurgeon, Mary Ruth Stegman got up early and stayed late to hold conversations with 11 Senators on our behalf. Thank them for their ongoing efforts on behalf of the working poor of Nebraska who don’t have access to affordable health.

LB 472 will come up for a vote on the Senate floor sometime in the next few weeks. Keep educating your Senator about the need Medicaid Redesign in Nebraska.

Some Facts about Medicaid in Nebraska:

The only people to qualify for Medicaid in Nebraska are:

  • Children in families earning less than $3,515/mo;
  • Pregnant Women earning less than $3,199 per month;
  • Some parents with very low incomes earning less than $940 per month;
  • Seniors with medical need;
  • People with Disabilities earning less than $1,649 per month.

NOT Currently Eligible for Medicaid:

  • Adults without children even if they make zero income;
  • Working families with children if they make more than $940 per month for family of 3