Rev. Marshall Johnson, led an engaging and humorous training session on Monday, July 14th about how and why OTOC seeks to build a broad based of member organizations that have power to act together on issues of common concern. Nearly forty people from congregations, refugee groups, environmental coalitions attended the lively meeting.

This was the first of three training sessions for all those interested in learning how congregations and community leaders can develop relationships that have the power to create change.    Leadership development and organizing skills promote creative problem solving and collaboration – skills useful in the workplace and in congregational committees as well as any type of organizing.

You are invited to attend the upcoming sessions!  

See the information below:

Organizing for the Common Good

Summer 2014 Training Series

By Leaders and Organizers of OTOC

Monday, July 14th    Augustana Lutheran at 7 pm (38th & Lafayette)                   
Broad Based Organizing:
  how and why we work together to have the power to create a healthy and safe community for all.

Monday, August 18th Augustana Lutheran at 7 pm (38th & Lafayette)                  
Cycle of Organizing:  how moving from individual meetings, to small group issue teams, into research, and public actions leads to community changes.

Monday, September 8th  St. Pius Catholic at 7 pm ( 70th Blondo)                        
Public Conversation with candidates to the OPPD Board: sharing concerns for environmental sustainability with candidates, hearing their responses.

To RSVP or for more information about the Training Series, call the OTOC office at 402-344-4401 or e-mail us at [email protected].