OTOC leaders celebrated the decision made by the Omaha Public Power District Board (OPPD) at their June 19th meeting to stop burning coal in North Omaha and commit the region’s energy future to increasing sustainable energy sources  and increasing efficiency and conservation in order to reduce overall demand.  

OTOC leaders were not satisfied with any of the 5 generation options that were presented to the OPPD Board in May. The World Herald wrote on June 9, ”

Laurie Gift, chairwoman of an environment-focused committee for Omaha Together One Community, doesn’t like that each scenario shows the proportion of renewable energy shrinking from one-third in 2018 to about one-fifth by 2033.

“Ideally we want (the north Omaha plant) running only when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing,” she said.

At the May Board meeting, OTOC asked the Board to come up with a hybrid plan that addressed four key positions which OTOC identified as essential to any long term generation plan. Over 160 clergy, faith and community leaders signed an OTOC statement supporting those four positions. The OPPD Board adopted a plan which addressed all four OTOC positions. On September 8, OTOC will hold a Conversation with the 6 remaining candidates for three OPPD Board districts.

To see the World Herald news story about the OPPD decision, click on this link: