Over 85 people attended an OTOC “Conversation with OPPD Candidates” on Monday, September 8 at St. Pius X Parish Hall. Leaders of the new OTOC Environmental Sustainability Action team organized the meeting with candidates which attracted a group of leaders from diverse congregations across the metropolitan Omaha area.


Candidates Tim Gay and Krystle Craig from District 3 representing Bellevue, Papillion and LaVista and Anne McGuire representing District 2 in Central Omaha participated in the meeting. All candidates in each of the 3 districts up for election this Fall were invited but the other candidates declined the invitation to attend.

OTOC leaders asked these candidates their views on the following topics:

  • Their support for the new OPPD plan to generate power over the next 20 years
  • Increasing OPPD use of renewable energy sources  in the future to generate our electricity
  • Helping families and businesses increase their conservation and energy efficiency efforts to reduce our energy use
  • Stop burning coal at North Omaha before 2023
  • Ideas for reducing Green House gas emissions

OPPD is one of the few utilities in the U.S. where citizens elect the governing Board which decides how we generate and pay for electricity. Your informed vote matters as we seek to have a utility board which is responsive to our community and is a good steward for our  Omaha Public Power District.