OTOC Leaders asked candidates for Unicameral to support Medicaid Redesign at Oct 6 Accountability Session

Support Medicaid Redesign that will allow 50,000+ to purchase affordable health insurance

On Tuesday, March 10, the Health and Human Services Committee voted 5-2 to advance LB 472–Medicaid Redesign for consideration by the whole Unicameral. This will once again be a challenging debate and Nebraskans need their faith leaders to weigh in on this important issue.

As of March 12, over 150 Nebraska clergy, women religious and leaders of faith based organizations have signed a Faith Leaders letter asking the Unicameral to support LB 472–Medicaid Redesign Act.  OTOC clergy leaders will convene  a press conference on Tuesday, March 17 at 12:30 p.m. in the Capitol Rotunda to present the names of these clergy leaders to members of the Unicameral.

Bishop Scott Barker, Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, Bishop Brian Maas, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Nebraska, and Rev. Dan Flanagan, Superintendent of the United Methodist Conference in this region have all signed in support of LB 472.

Ask your pastor and denomination  faith leaders  sign this letter in support of the Medicaid Redesign Act (LB 472) that will allow low income, working Nebraskans to purchase affordable health insurance.

We need faith leaders from around the state to sign on this letter to let members of the Unicameral know that there is broad support for helping low income, working Nebraskans purchase health insurance at rates that are affordable.


Thanks for taking time to support the working people of Nebraska

Call or email OTOC with the names of the faith leaders who have signed the letter.

Some Facts about Medicaid in Nebraska:

The only people to qualify for Medicaid in Nebraska are:

  • Children in families earning less than $3,515/mo;
  • Pregnant Women earning less than $3,199 per month;
  • Some parents with very low incomes earning less than $940 per month;
  • Seniors with medical need;
  • People with Disabilities earning less than $1,649 per month.

NOT Currently Eligible for Medicaid:

  • Adults without children even if they make zero income;
  • Working families with children if they make more than $940 per month for family of 3