“Crossing the border to ask for asylum is not a crime!”

That was the message that over 80 women religious, priests, pastors and OTOC leaders delivered to Congressman Brad Ashford and other members of Congress. Fifty people agreed to contact the offices of Nebraska Representatives and Senators over the next several months and recruit at least 4 more people to ask Congress to forcefully advocate for the end of protracted detention of  women and children seeking asylum.


OTOC leaders Jeanne Schuler, local Attorney Dan Rock  and Sr. Kathleen Erickson, RSM gave passionate presentations about this practice that is unjust and a very  expensive way to handle women and children who come to our borders to seek asylum, seeking relief from gang violence in Central America.

To see their moving statements, go to OTOC’s Facebook page at: OTOC Facebook Page

Local media outlets covered this issue and our action in these stories:

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Group trying to help people seeking asylum

Fox 42 Becka’s Beat:

Becka’s Beat: When Babies are Criminals

Grace: She came to America seeking asylum and ended up in what felt like prison

Grace: She came to America seeking asylum and ended up in what felt like prison

Use these tools to end detention

Flyer for Diapers in Detention September 2016

Circulate this form to gather 5 people opposed to detention

Background Information

World Refugee Day 2016 Fact Sheet about Women in Detention

CLINIC 2015 Description of Detention

The administration’s Billion $ deal

Impact of Long Term Detention of Women and Children

Our speakers encouraged people across Omaha to tell our elected officials:

“Mothers and children who have fled horrific violence are being held, locked up, against their will. They can’t defend themselves as they have no resources and the language barriers are great.

It’s time to end this practice.  There are more humane, community based alternatives to these costly detention centers where  tax payers are paying  top dollar to private corrections corporations for each person held.”