OTOC leaders used a clear and concise Issue Brief on Alternatives to OPPD’s rate restructuring. Click on the link below to see that document.

Alternative Rate Options for OPPD FINAL Dec102015

Over 150 concerned citizens and customers of OPPD came to an informative OTOC  community meeting on December 10 to learn about viable alternatives to OPPD’s proposed increase in fixed fees from $10.25 to $35 per month.  OPPD CEO Tim Burke and VP Lisa Olson participated in the meeting while  Board Chair Anne McGuire along with Board members John Greene and Tom Barrett listened from the audience. The OPPD contingent stayed long after the meeting to talk with community leaders who wished to engage them.

OTOC organized a panel of community  leaders and energy experts to discuss with the audience and OPPD Board members our concerns about OPPD’s proposed rate restructuring. Local energy experts Kay Carne and David Holtzclaw along with OTOC leaders Alan Vovolka and Cindy Johnson formed a panel that articulated  OTOC’s critique of the proposed plan, specified numerous alternatives that the Board could adopt and ask the Board to delay action for at least 3 months so they can investigate the many alternatives to raising fixed fees.

Environmental Action Team Chair Laurie Gift chaired the tightly organized meeting with the help of Mary Ruth Stegman. At the end of the meeting, Laurie asked the audience if they wanted OPPD to delay acting on the proposal for at least three months to consider other alternatives. Every arm in the room shot up. Laurie then asked CEO Burke if he would commit to letting the Board know that OTOC is asking OPPD to delay action and he observed that the Board Chair and members would undoubtedly let the other Board members know this. With a little prodding he indicated he too would convey OTOC’s position to the Board.


For a link to 4 page issue brief which explains why OPPD is requesting a rate restructuring and better long term alternatives, click on the link below:



Alternative Rate Options for OPPD FINAL Dec102015

For a link to OTOC’s one page summary and analysis of OPPD’s proposed restructuring:

OTOC summary of OPPD proposed rate restructuring Dec 2

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Four Page Article explaining Rate Restructuring