One hundred leaders of Omaha Together One Community (OTOC) met with five candidates for OPPD Subdistrict 5 on Monday, April 18 at St. Leo Catholic Church. Leaders of OTOC’s Environmental Sustainability Action Team organized this Accountability Session because OTOC wants “to get the public back in public power.”

100 OTOC and community leaders asked questions developed by the OTOC Environmental Sustainability Team

The five candidates answered 6 questions posed by OTOC leaders related to climate change and ending the use of coal, increasing the use of sustainable energy, reversing OPPD’s fixed rate increase and improving the transparency and decision making of the OPPD Board and meeting with OTOC again prior to the General Election.

The Omaha World Herald and The Reader published stories about the candidates responses to OTOC’s questions:

Candidates for OPPD board advocate for more transparency in public Q&A session

OTOC leaders filled out a score card to keep track of the candidates answers and Mike McClellen challenged those present to share their score card and their impressions of the candidates with members of their congregation, neighborhood association, family and friends so that more people know about the importance of OPPD to our community and know something about the people who seek to sit on the Board.

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Agenda Accountability Session with Candidates for OPPD

OPPD Graphics for distribution

Score Card

Map of OPPD Sub District 5

Alternative Rate Options for OPPD FINAL Dec102015

Candidate Craig Moody answers questions posed by Elaine Wells of First Unitarian Church for the OTOC Environmental Action Team

OTOC leaders asked candidates to state and explain where they stand on a variety of issues including:

  • Their ideas of improving OPPD’s 20 year generation plan;
  • Their ideas of increasing electricity generation from renewable sources;
  • Their views toward OPPD’s recent rate restructuring plan;
  • Their view toward global warming and reducing green house gas emissions;
  • Their ideas for OPPD’s long term future.

 OTOC is a non-partisan coalition of 30 diverse congregations and community organizations. OTOC never endorses candidates or parties, but will inform member institutions about where candidates stand on issues that are important to the organization.